Maintenance team wont work as they prmoise

I keep on complaining that our dryer is not working yet maintenance team does nothing about it other than prolonging. we have been so patient all these days they are just testing our patience and doing nothing about it. they say they fixed it and next time it wont work. I have to sit near by dryer and keep turning it on for every 5 mins. they promised they will replace it two weeks ago and wow maintenance team just disappears

1)Dryer not working. Wet clothes in washer. Please resolve ASAP. Work Completed 3/20/2017
2)Dryer Stopping very frequently in the middle of cycle. Please fix ASAP. wet clothes inside. Work Completed 4/13/2017
3)Hi, our dryer will not run more than one load per DAY. for the second load it stops in first 5 minutes Work Completed 8/1/2017
4)dryer wont work. i have put in clothes and it stopped 5 times for every 5 mins. please fix it ASAP or replace new one. Work Completed 5/4/2018.